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Impossible to save the game

Danipc 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 6
Output_log error 4 tonos de gris_20160912212308 Saved game

Hi, I posted a bug because I couldn't play the game (black screen), but after the last updating the game worked fine. However, since I'm at Campaign's level 4 I can't save the game.

Every time I try to save nothing happens. It just gives me the saving game button, i hit it, it pauses for a while and nothing is there. I also noticed when I try to save over a saved file, it deletes the saved game. In addition, when it happens and I try to come back to the game, it crashes every time with r6025 - pure virtual function call error

I have tried everything posted here. For example, when I updated the game to the previous build (1.4.1) I could save the game but only the first time. When I try to save again, the problem repeats again and again. I also tried to finish level 4 without saving, but it crashes when I'm finishing the map, at the final battle against Marcus.

It's annoying. Please, I need a solution.

Game Version:
Steam Public Beta
Pending Customer

Hi Danipc,

Your output log indicates you're still on the previous build. We've since rectified this issue in Patch 1.4.2f8 so please give that a go and let us know how you get on!



Hi Lee, the problem doesn't disappear. I updated the game to Patch 1.4.2f8 and I could save correctly at the beginning. However, I played another day and I had the same problem than every time. The only difference is that in spite of crashing if I try to come back to game, it crashed with a new message when I tried to save several times: "fatal error in gc. Too many heap sections". I can't understand how is possible that I could save the game correctly until level 4 and now is almost impossible. Is it due to game version? I'm looking forward your response.

Hi Danipc,

We'll need a new output log from you for the latest error. Please can you also provide your system specs as requested in this topic: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

Ideally a DXDiag output would be great for this as well.



Hi Lee,

here are my system specs:

Windows Vista Home Premium

Service Pack 2


Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5800 2.00 GHz 2.00 GHz


32 Bits

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470


Game Version: Public
Platf Outputorm: Windows

Hi Danipc,

I've had a look into your output log and your system specs have already indicated what I believe to be the problem.

In many ways your system is straddling the minimum System Requirements of the game and in others it's falling below them. We highly recommend trying to raise your system specs to the recommended baseline.

What appears to be happening when you try to save is that your PC simply runs out of available memory to address for the game's needs and when that occurs the engine crashes because it no longer has enough memory to complete its task. This would make sense if you suddenly started experiencing the issue on level 4 as it is the first somewhat large level in the game and the larger the level the more memory is required for it to run, saving will only add additional strain on the memory requirement.

While it is theoretically possible to complete WFTO with 4GB of RAM on a 32-bit OS it can be a tough ride as some of the larger levels can hit very near the 3.5GB limit that a 32-bit OS can address especially if you're on them for over an hour or two.

Unfortunately at this time I cannot advise any other actions beyond attempting to raise your system's specs to bring them more in-line with our recommended requirements at the least. However I appreciate that is not always another option so an alternative approach is trying to maximise the resources available for the engine to use.

Close down all non-critical systems on your PC, Vista is especially hungry in itself so you may even want to consider temporarily disabling Explorer.exe (You can run it again via the run command Windows+R keys) and ensuring you have set Vista to a lower footprint mode (by turning off visual features etc.). Try to leave as much available to WFTO as possible because it's going to need to call on a lot of your system memory.

I apologise that I cannot help you on this issue further but at the very least I will submit your output log to our code team to quickly investigate a couple of other things that turned up (unrelated to your crash).

I'll leave this ticket open for a day just in case you respond otherwise I'll proceed to close it down.