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Game Crashed on Skirmish Map

maaseb2 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 5

Crash Log

The Game crashed while i played 1v1 against Master AI / Mira, been playing a few of those without problems against other AIs.

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Hi Maaseb2,

Thanks for the report I'll need more information from you I'm afraid. Please red this thread: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket and include all the relevant details.

In addition please can you tell me what map you were playing on.




OS - Windows

Version - 10 64Bit

8GB Ram

Intel Core i5-3570K (not overclocked)

ATI Radeon HD 7850


Map was the 1v1 Abyss Map against Mira Master AI

Im not sure if it helps, but there was alot of Fighting going on in the middle of the map.

Dont have any Screenshots, videos or Savegames, didnt expect it to crash.

Unfortunately i cant provide the Output Log since ive restarted the game a few times after the crash.

Do you need any other Informations?

Hi Maaseb,

No problem at all what you've provided is good as the Output log is included in the crash folder you submitted in the OP.

From what I could tell from the output log the crash is caused by the game attempting to access an invalid memory address to store data. This can happen if the system is running low on active memory, though I wouldn't expect that to be very common on a system with 8GB of RAM.

This could however depend on the state of your PC at the time as well, were you running many other programs or perhaps did you have many different tabs open on your browser at once?

Does the crash occur if you try to duplicate the same situation now?




ive usually Steam and often Google Chrome with 2 tabs open, most likely Spotify was running as well (at least opened, not playing music). Not sure if i had anything else open.

I did play another Master AI / Oberon game on the same Map, no problems with that one though the fighting ingame was alot more.

Cannot Replicate

Hi Maaseb2,

Unfortunately there's nothing much more telling on the crash from the log. It pretty much sticks to what I said before in that it suggests for some reason the game couldn't assign memory. But we're none the wiser as to why.

I attempted to replicate the conditions you described but I couldn't get a crash to occur.

For now I'm going to close the report down but if you do suffer from a similar crash again please let us know and we'll look into that. We also just released v1.4.2f5 hotfix which may or may not help (due to a new Unity version)