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Heart of Gold - Achievements level 4 bugged

Xelights 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 6


(didn't use savefiles since they were bugged and would crash on load, sorry)

Hello, I have 63 out of 74 achievements in WFTO and I love the game. And I was hunting for the achievements in HoG to unlock the Silver Kasita Theme, the only theme I don't have yet. Thing is, the achievements would never unlock!

I finished the campaign before and I did not get the "Together Forever" Achievement after killing both Mandalf the Gold and the Emperor. Today I tried the campaign again and killed everyone again (The emperor made a comment about it) as wel as Mandalf the Gold, without destroying any of the gateways. This should have also triggered the other achievement "Gauntlet". But it didn't.

P.S : I made sure not to destroy the duke's chair (their dungeon heart), and it didn't seem to make a difference.

Game Version:
Steam Public

It is only a problem I have with these two specific achievements. I do have 3 other achievements for this level : Completing level 4, defeating Lord Caleem and defeating Lord Sapphire


I'll pass this straight on to code to review the output log but unfortunately I'm not confident we'll be able to gleam much information from it.

With regards to save files if you're affected by the r6025 issue then you can find a description and workaround of the issue in this article: Crash when loading a save / loading certain skirmish maps / map editor maps (Patch 1.4.2)

For Nano - Raised priority on this. DLC C4.

Seems to be a couple of things:

1. Sometimes Mandalf will not appear when all family members are killed.
2. Destroying the Dungeon Core invalidates the conditions for Gauntlet (Do not destroy any gateways)

Have seen a number of reports.