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So, I entered the tutorial just now, right after buying the game, and I can't dig what so ever.

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After purchasing the game i went into the first mission/Tutorial and got to the part when you click and drag, so I clicked and dragged and have yet to have it work.

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This issue has occured for users in the past, and i'm trying to find what the solution to it was then.

In the mean time have you tried re-verifying the game's cache? It's possible that steam failed to download all files correctly and missing files could cause this issue.

If you wouldn't mind trying to re-verify files, and hopefully i'll have found the info about last time this issue appeared by the time you check back :)

Think I found it. Taken from a Steam Discussion Thread (Here)


A very small number of users has reported this issue and we are still

investigating the cause. We have provided a potential workaround below.

if you are suffering from this issue please report it directly to us

with all the information requested. The more reports we have of this the

sooner we will be able to hotfix.


Some users report that forcing DX9 rendering mode addresses this issue.

  1. Right click the game in your steam library and go to properties
  2. Click "Set launch options"
  3. Add "-force-d3d9" in this box (No quotation marks)

If re-verfying doesn't work, give that a try next.

Well, when I open the properties i don't get that sadly, but I will try again.

Can you take a screenshot of what ever screen you get when you open the properties and i'll try and guide you through it.

Completed - Resolved

Assuming complete due to lack of customer response.