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Reset Campaign didn't delete all campaign's savegames

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 9

So in order to replay the updated original campaign, I reset my progress, but some of my saves are still here. I still have saves for levels 2 and 3, all v1.4. I also have saves for the levels 7, 10 and the Awakening from v1.2.

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Steam Public

This sounds correct, resetting the campaign should only reset your progress on the campaign map. Save files will not be deleted.

What? First of all, try to reset campaign sometime, a dialog box will ask for confirmation and warn it will delete save files as well as overall progress. And it did in fact delete almost all of them but the ones mentioned in the OP.


Hmmm indeed you're correct, for some reason I don't think I was aware of it behaving this way. In which case it seems the problem is more ingrained than previously thought.

Created save files for every level, attempted to reset campaign however all save files still present.

I believe my save files were once restored after a campaign reset by steam's cloud syncing. Hope that helps.

I fixed an issue where save of save would lose its original scene. The reset campaign tool sadly use this "original scene" data to know if the save is campaign and if it's dlc.