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Workers suddenly slowing down to a crawl

ZzZombo 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 5

Out of all of sudden, my workers are slowing down to a point they barely move. No other creature is noted for this behavior.

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Hi ZzZombo,

I'm afraid we'll need more information on this including a fuller description of the issue, steps to replicate any information about which map you were on and your system specs.

Please read this topic and be sure to include as much information as you can: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

It was level 2 of the original campaign. I decided to start it over in order to play the updated campaign. It seems to be tied to them coming closer to their destination, or when there is an obstacle in their path, but they don't even come into contact with it when this happens; in other words, that happens more easily when they are nearing their destination, or there is an obstacle ahead some distance. I don't think my specs have to do with the issue.

Unfortunately I've not been able to identify the behavior you mean is there any chance you could provide some video footage?