Archon bug, Monster Lair and Door glitch, infinite loading screen...

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Don't know if these bugs/glitches have been fixed in the recent update, but there are four I've encountered in the game.

* One is that the Archon gets stuck when flying across the abyss area (I think the map was Deepforge Cavern). Every time I recall him to my dungeon heart and he wants to move around, he always gets stuck when trying to fly across the chasm. The Oculus and Bafu don't have a problem with it, but the Archon does.

* Second is when you load a saved game then the Monster Lairs disappear. It isn't game breaking, as they still sleep (in thin air), but it's really confusing when my lair is empty.

* Third is when I load my game then the Portcullis' gates are underground. It's like the doors are always open, but when my creatures walk past and looking by the outline of the door then the door opens to them more into the ground. It's difficult to explain this glitch.

* Fourth is when I tried to restart the campaign level 2 then I always got an infinite loading screen. I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get out and rather go through the campaign overview map and restart the level from there because every time it just stopped loading. The game didn't seem to freeze as the loading screen hints kept changing.

Last thing is that now, after the update, when I try to play skirmish maps then sometimes it loads forever. The loading bar reaches full and I hear the ambience and my dungeon heart, but then after a short while the game just stops responding and occasionally throws a runtime error at me. It didn't do that before, but maybe it's map related. Though before I could easily play like Deepforge Cavern but now three times in a row it has stopped responding.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing such problems as I didn't find topics of these issues.

My PC specs if needed:

- Windows 8.1 64bit


- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20 GHz

- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

Game Version:
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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Hawketastic,

First of I'd like to say thanks for your reports unfortunately I can't accept these as we only accept singular bug reports per ticket (it's just much easier for us to manage.) but I can give you feedback on each of these things.

1. Hovering units and Chasms should be fixed in Patch 1.4.2

2. Lairs becoming invisible on save/load should be fixed in Patch 1.4.2

3. Don't believe we've seen any reports of this, I just gave it a quick test and couldn't replicate so I think it's possibly been fixed by a related change

4. Infinite load on restarting level 2 has also not been reported and in a quick test just now I wasn't able to replicate. Either this is fixed or the issue is deeper on your end. Will need you to check and provide us the appropriate details.

5. Tested Deepforge Cavern and can confirm it seems to hang before the end of loading. We'll be having a look into it.

If possible please submit the appropriate bug tickets again but as individuals following our guidelines that are laid out here: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket




Aha, I see. I will try different maps and see if I still experience the problems which I did before the update. Thanks for the response and good luck with fixing bugs! :)