Game crashes on start op, loading screen dont even complete fully every time

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I realy like your game so I got realy sad when I tried booting it up a few days a go and it crashed on 70% of the loading screen, I*ve tried reinstalling it and now it crashes on loading screen completion. I've followed the "advise" even though it was hidden that I should send you the reports. So here they are, I've done it as a .rar file to give you all the info.

War For The Overworld.rar

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Cupcake, sorry to hear about your issues with the game recently.

Have you tried the suggestions in these threads?:

After those please can you submit all the information requested as part of our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket topic.

We'll do our best to get you in the game as soon as possible!



Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Closing due to lack of response from customer.