aprupt noise level switching when voice track ends; probably an easy fix

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Backround noises (Music, SFX) will be leveled down when the mentor speaks.

Everytime his voice track ends, music and sfx will switch back to your presets.

This switching appeas to be very unsmooth. Im having a Logitech G930 on where this very clear to hear. Please put a smooth curve on the volume regularion rather than a digital 0 to 1.

(And please enable us to post comments on steam directly. The search for duplicate entrys is very nice here so reposts might occur on steam, but how many times have I had to click to get here? (didnt count :) But you get the idea.)

Thanks guys,

Awesome game!

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Thanks for the report, this is something we're aware of.

I'll accept your ticket and we'll discuss it in the future. :)

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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