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Mandalf not changing colour after being converted

Danny Sortino 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 7

I was playing the first campaign on Heart of gold and converted mandalf when I first met him in the library. He then refused to change colour no matter how many times I kill him thereafter. I tried every way to kill him, sacrificing to be a vampire, making him rebel and getting my minions and lightning to kill him, torturing him again. And none of these made him change colour :(


OS - Windows 10 (64 bit)
16gb ram
i7 -5820k
GTX 1080

Game Version:
Steam Public

Edited Info into the first post for you :)

If you allready converted him, he won't change his colour.
You have to kill him over and over again, when he's hostile.

I tried it and it worked fine for me. Please try again, without converting him, and when he's lvl 10 you can convert him (perhaps kill him another time, to be safe ;P)

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Hi Danny,

Did you manage to complete the level from here? I'm rather surprised you were able to convert him on his first drop into your prison.

I completed the level by turning him to gold though I was trying to get the achievement hence the colour change. I was told before that you could get him to change colour even if he was on your team. Yeah I just maxed out ember spirits and quickly dropped him in a torture chamber in execution mode to convert him. I did manage to get him to change colours by having him non converted and killing him repeatedly though.

Completed - Next Patch

Well your response pointed us towards another issue, it shouldn't have been possible to convert him in execution mode so that's now been fixed for next patch :)

I suspect that's the leading cause of this. If you can start the conversion of Mandalf it prevents any further scripts for him running, however if you do so prior to the first respawn extra respawns will not occur. By fixing the execution mode issue his conversion cannot start fast enough before he frees himself, this should hopefully fix your other issues :)