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Beast Den walls remain after selling the room

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Hmmm had a look into it but not able to replicate. Will need more information before I can take this on. Especially if you can get it to happen reliably I'll need every bit of info you can provide.

It's a weird issue, I have no idea what causes it. You have my game save from here https://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/1166-after-loading-a-save-kasita-changed-color/

Load it and sell a few beast den tiles near the tavern wall, like on my screenshot. There is only one den and only one tavern, you won't miss it. Some walls work correctly, some not. Fortunately, after you build there another room, walls start to work correctly again.

I suspect it's a save/load issue.

I was wrong about the beast den part. It happens to any room in the save file, some walls work correctly and some do not.

Since it's the same save file where Kasita changed her color, it might be connected somehow.


Not been able to replicate but maybe possible with your save? I'll chuck it through anyway given it's potentially related to another ticket.

I just encountered this bug in the latest Build (1.5.0b62).


Gamespeed was on 150%.
The foundry was previously owned by the AI and I owned it, sold it.

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