Heart of Gold is extremely buggy.

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In Heart of Gold, Magnanimous family members leave your dungeon on payday no matter what you do. Loa, the dwarf, never stops taking gold on payday, and can leave a pile of hundreds of thousands when he leaves. It seems to count as if he died. This is just level 4. There are achievements in level 4 that tie into other levels, for example the Magnanimojus family members you meet prior, if you didn't kill them in that level, you don't get the achievement in the last.

There are numerous issues with Level 3 as well, such as the forge pot disappearing and coming up as a forge shrine if you leave it for too long after you have it filled. Only solution to this seems to be not waiting to click it, but waiting to fill it, which ruins your chances at other achievements in the level. The bug where it disappears seems to happen any time you wait more than two or three minutes to click it after you fill the forge. This prevents ending the level. It could waste hours of your life. It did mine.

Heart of Gold is generally buggy and weakly coded, and if you're trying to compete with triple-A games of this kind of strategy, try a bit harder. Things clipping in and out, disappearing, bugging out, and generally not working, sometimes even after reloading saves, doesn't look professional.

In general in War for the Overworld, there doesn't seem to be any way to get some of the achievements. Like most of the time trial ones. They honestly seem like someone who coded the game was able to get them because they know the game inside and out, and know the fastest ways to do everything. The ones where you have to destroy X number of things in the level are relatively easy. The time trials seem like they're targeted at pro gamers, and for someone who isn't... aren't fun to try. Achievements should add fun to the game, not cause someone to try them several times and hate the game for wasting their time.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Docmorbid,

I'm sorry to hear you're unimpressed with the game but unfortunately I cannot accept this bug report. In order to handle reports we ask that everything be treated as it's own individual issue as outlined in How to: Submit a Bug Ticket. I'll make a note of a few of the things you've mentioned but I can't promise updates to you on their status.

If you'd be so kind to submit them as individual reports which match our requirements that would be fantastic.

I have to say though with a team of 8 + a few contractors and a very small budget It's certainly not on our agenda to compete with the triple-A industry ;)


I realized the nature of the team involved in making the game (small independent group) just after I'd posted what I did. Although I would still note that if you're no longer in early access or an alpha or beta state, some of the most glaring glitches do make it look a bit slapdash. I do apologize for the severity of my message. It was after a rather frustrating, nearly 30-hour marathon session trying to finish the fourth stage of Heart of Gold, and I was venting that frustration more than anything. In smaller sessions, and in the regular campaign or scenarios, the game's quite fun.