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Consultation on the Japanese translation.

CurryDays 7 years ago updated by policeofficer110 7 years ago 10


I am a "War for the Overworld" enthusiast and i'd like to play with fellow japanese "War for the Overworld" enthusiasts.
may we ask your permission to share a japanese mod file for this game?
apologies for taking so long to ask.
we would be extremely grateful if you would permit us.
Best wishes and many thanks.

Of course if included in your product then i wish to donate files.
or if you wish to stop distributing then we can delete the japanese mod.

Since the lawsuit trouble in other fan translation in Japan has occurred, it has become serious.
We will look forward to your reply.

Distribute and translation place is here.

War for the Overworld Japanese Translation Group.


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Hi Curry Days, There is already a plan in place for allowing the community to help translate the game into different languages on our forums. (https://forum.brightrockgames.com/threads/wfto-translations.9693/) which might be of interest to you.

As a QA Lead, I don't have the authority to give (or deny) you permission to share/distribute your mod, so i'll ask one of the devs to take a look at this ticket, however as it is not a bug i'll eventually have to change the tag to "Declined" regardless of the outcome.

Completed - Resolved

Hi Curry Days,

We've seen your work and we even fixed a bug that would prevent your translation files from working on updates a short while ago :)

We're really happy that the Japanese community has taken a keen interest in the game and we're pleased that some fantastic individuals have taken it on themselves to pursue a community translation. I can't see many reasons why we'd take exception to a community translation. I think the only situation where we'd request a mod like that be pulled is if it causes issues for players or attempts to profit from them.

Needless to say as developers we want to see our game reach as many players as possible so we have no issue with the continuation of your project.

As Andrew correctly pointed out we're looking to officially support community translations starting with the next major patch. We're looking into options for streamlining the process for creating and updating unofficial translations, to that end we'll likely be providing templates, the ability to drop individual files into the translation folder instead of modifying gametext, updates to the community when we add new translation keys and potentially workshop support for community translations.

We look forward to seeing what our various communities can achieve once we put that support in and we hope that the Japanese community will continue to enjoy the game in their native language!


Lee Moon

Community Manager

Brightrock Games

Great thanks.

I'm waiting for workshop support.


I love Dungeon Keeper.
And I love War for the Overworld too.
And I'm glad to join the community for translation of Japanese.

So, I want to translate the words of intro cutscene.
But, unfortunately, the subtitles have not been displayed on the intro (and outro) movies.

Please provide to us the subtitles on the movies.

Thank you and best regards.

Hi Policeofficer110,

Thanks for your interest, I've forwarded this on as something for us to consider for a patch further down the line.

At the moment there's no technical precedent in War for the Overworld for adding subtitles to a video so we'd have to devise a new solution. To expand on that, currently subtitles are displayed when the Audio Controller plays an audio file, however the cinematic are video files with audio attached. As such no file is played by the Audio Controller and no subtitle can be displayed.

We'll look into it :)


Thank you for your polite reply.

I appreciate the details and the clarity.

I hope that you will find the solutions.

Hello. I have another problem.

I tried to translate campaign7_obj_3_title and hud_potionpanel_brew_potion_button_name in GameText.csv.
But, these messages are displayed only in English though Language is not English.

This is the screenshot at Level 7 of campaign.

Please investigate this problem.


Thank you and best regards.

Very interesting, could you open up a new topic regarding this issue? I'll have it flagged for getting a look at in the next patch :)

OK. I will create a new topic. Thank you.