Completed - Resolved

Enemy imp's Golden statue made with Aureate Monolith locks mana in level 3 Heart of Gold

I was with 14 imps and no other thing locking mana and when I tried to make more imps I was receiving voice alert, that I didn't have enough mana to lock. Tried to destroy all my imps and even with 0 imps there was mana locked by imps. Where, how? I discovered that, when I threw enemy imp's golden statues on the colossos forge and they disapear, mana locked was released. Some how, the statues are count as ours imps, locking mana as they do. (Sorry the english bad writed, I am Brazilian)

Game Version:
Steam Public

Nice catch!

This is caused by the fact that Sappers are treated as worker units but unlike standard workers are recyclable. When a statue is created it is set to your faction and the game recognises this as an extra worker being made available.

This will be low priority to fix but should be quite easy to do once we get around to it!