Adding a Colon for map creation prevents saving

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A pretty simple bug that I have tested a few times. Adding a colon to the title of the map prevents it from ever being saved.

-Gnarling Warfare: Liberation
-War for the Overworld: Battle of Mayhew
-The Underlords Four: Deathmatch
-Evil Imps and Wretched Dwarves: Level 1

I wrote a bug listing a similar problem, but soon found that it was not completely random, but rather, was triggered by my maps having colons. whowouldathought?

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Map Editor does not save created maps

Here are my laptop's details
OS: Windows
Version: 10 (64 bit)
Ram: 8GB
CPU: Intel i5-4200U 1.6GHz
GPU Radeon HD 8670MHz
Game Build: 1.3.1f5

I have been playing around on the game's map editor recently and occasionally the game will not save the map I design. Note that this is only when I am making a new map. If the game has saved the map once then it will continue to do so. I don't know what conditions actually spark this off and it seems to be random. Sometimes the games I make will appear on my workshop list and sometimes they won't. I don't have any trouble with the maps once I they have successfully saved and I can do anything with them.

Please help Subterranean Studios, this Underlord is in dire need of your diabolical assistance.

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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It'll be an error to do with the map name you choose getting used for the file name too, meaning you get a weird/impossible file name that throws an error. Should be a pretty simple fix (I hope).

Merged your old topic into this one too.

Exporting to Jira.

[Dev] Nanorock Programmer
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