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Beast Arena Deaths when Training - VERY ANNOYING!

Bats 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 9

Basically your beasts will perma die (Sometimes, it is random) in the Beast Arena when training - VERY ANNOYING! Training your beasts to like lvl 7-9 (Prime level) and then in the arena and you hear 'Skarg lost' you are like 'f**k sake'...... Lost big monsters for the fight -.-

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Isn't this caused by the absence of Beast Masters? It seems that sometimes Beast Masters leave our cuties alone in the pit, because they want to sleep or eat.

Unless the Beasties are chewing on the locks of the trap door and going in themselves...

I dont think so and it seems random aswell because I have dropped two beasts such as two skargs early game to train (No other creatures around or anything), one gets K0ed and then magically spawns outside of the arena and goes to the den to sleep and recover & eat, then the other one is in the arena still and he just jumps out of the pit and strolls off to the beast den like a good little boy :P. It seems completely random and must be a bug, I noticed it happens less if you build it in a perfect square rather then an odd shape (due to the map and what you are able to build).

Hmm, fair enough, it sounds legit. Especially as the arena is introduced as a relatively safe playground of death cuddling and blood candy. Although I haven't seen it happening when there is a BM present, I always break up the fight when there isn't one around (I check my arena from time to time) to prevent my beasts from dying

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this is a reocuring issue that we will have to investigate thanks for your report



This issue is seemingly random and happens more likely in a MP match on client side according to Bohser.

my guess is that some things got changed when you changed the priority of tasks that reintroduced the issue

Would definitely agree it happens more in MP, 100%. Very irritating but if you can fix that I only have one more bug to moan about!