Kasita's minions appear with the same color as Oberon's in original campaign mission 12

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In Mission 12 of the original campaign, where Oberon is up against Draven, Korvek and Kasita, the latter's minions color appear green -- same as the player's. Intentionally or unintentionally, Kasita also uses her Heart of Gold theme rather than the original founder theme previously associated with her.

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i cannot reproduce this issue. The updated core however is intended.

The workers for kasita are yellow so are her minions shields.

It could just be that the yellow used for her shield looks very similar to the green shield used for the player, that at a casual glance it's very hard to tell them apart. Nonetheless, here's a screenshot.

Uhh, it looks pretty yellow to me.

Here's the player's green shield for comparison. It's a bit brighter, but they appear almost the same color on my monitor at least.

I can see a clear difference between those 2 colours.

I recommend adjusting your Monitor colours and Brightness. This Image could help you with that

If it's fine, visit a Doctor, perhaps you are colour blind or have difficulties with that?
I don't want to offend you here

Can see a clear difference here as well. As suggested above I recommend playing around with your monitor settings and making sure you have no strange colour settings.

Then I'd recommend giving a colorblind test a quick go: http://enchroma.com/test/instructions/

I think I might have minor color-blindness but minute greens and yellows used in the shields do still look very similar to me. I REALLY hope I'm never again on a map with both green and yellow opponents. My monitor is likely fine going by those swatches.

I can see a difference between the two examples, but only if I'm looking really hard and giving it undivided attention. Not recommended in an RTS game.

Even if you guys can clearly see a difference, do you think it would be easy to distinguish them in the heat of battle, with a huge clump of units together? I'm asking sincerely. I definitely couldn't.


yes we can, they are not really similar for us. We have talked internally about giving more diverse colors for players hopefully friendly for people with colorblindess as well, we can not promise it at this point though.