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Cant change from units panel to different pannel

Przemek Lewandowski 7 years ago updated by Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) 7 years ago 4


I have windows 7, 8 GB Ram, NVidia Drivers. Game is running quite well, but I have a problem on level Heart Attack. After level started, I cant choose proper tab. Room, creatures, potions, magic and other tabs are not clickable ..... I had this one time before, I have restarted a game and it disapeared, but now I restarted it few times and nothing changed. Can you help me please : ) this game is phenomenal, Lector is great.

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Steam Public

Still having this issue. I can get some info if you want, tell me what to get.

My Campaign is locked ....

Under Review

Have you followed the mentor's instructions and unlocked the necessary aspects from the Veins of Evil? The rest of the UI is locked automatically until that's done.

Sorry. I didnt. Thank You :) it works.

But it is not obvious if you cant understand everything what mentor said :)